Empowering Businesses through Innovative Software Solutions

VDB Technologies, LLC is a software consulting company based out of Central Illinois. We specialize in business applications, data capture/storage/transformation, and edge computing.

Our Services

Front End Development

C# .NET, and Web Development (Full Stack)

We can provide solutions from custom development to integration with existing COTS products. Our developers have experience with C#, Full Stack Web Development and even Low-Code systems.

Backend Development

C# .NET, Python, Rust

Our team has built backend systems ranging from microservices to full scale cloud-first MVC based applications including services such as Cloud Front and Docker.

Embedded Development

Python, Rust

Our team has built software that has flown in past LEO Space missions and more missions are planned. We have experience in Intel, ARM32/64, PowerPC, MSP430 platforms.

Additional Services

Big Data

We can provide data storage, access and transformation services. We can leverage cloud services to work with datasets of virtually unlimited size.

CRM Integration

We have experience integrating with Salesforce and use ERPNEXT in-house.

API Integration

We can build custom integrations to your custom APIs using REST, SOAP, or HTTP webhooks

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